We are a decentralized payment gateway that allows anyone, anywhere in the world to start accepting international payments in minutes. Accompanied by a fun and intuitive DeFi platform, to earn interest, trading fees and rewards on your crypto.

Simply deposit your crypto and immediately start earning up to 15% compounded interest and XGT rewards. Don’t have crypto? No problem, you can easily purchase crypto straight from our platform with your debit/credit card, Apple Pay or Bank transfer.

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When you deposit your xDAI and XGT to farm, you will get a share in the pool. This means, every single time someone makes a trade in Xion, you will automatically earn up to 0.4% off every trade in crypto. The more you deposit, the more trading fees you earn. Plus, you will continuously be rewarded in XGT that can either be held for an appreciation in value or you can use them to purchase the latest products from our merchants. This includes: PS5, Xbox Series X, DJ Mavric and much more.

Providing liquidity therefore increases the total value(USD) of all xDAI and XGT tokens lockedin the corresponding smart contracts. As the total value locked increases, certain portions of XGT will be unlocked to issue 100% cashback rewards to online shoppers. Visit the Shop page to check if any cashback rewards levels have been unlocked.

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Yes, but through our partners crypto buying widgets, you can purchase crypto in just a few clicks. No need to head to an exchange, just select the crypto you wish to purchase, enter in an amount and click BUY. You will be redirected to one of our partners widgets, where you can purchase your crypto using your debit/credit card, Apple Pay or bank transfer. The crypto will be automatically sent to your digital wallet in minutes, if not seconds. Then all you need to do is deposit your crypto to start earning!

XGT(Xion Global Token) is our interest accruing tokens that are rewarded to anyone who has deposited their crypto into our ecosystem. The demand for obtaining XGT to purchase products, receive discounts and earn cashback from online stores, is growing at a rapid pace.

XGT benefits:

  • • Spend your XGT for up to 100% discounts on purchases
  • • Earn up to 100% cashback on purchases & transaction fees
  • • Spend XGT for compounded discounts on recurring billing product purchases
  • • Hold onto your XGT rewards for an appreciation in value

Just imagine, you can purchase a PS5, get 100% cashback in XGT and buyanother 1 for free.

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Our smart contracts have been built by industry leading experts with many years of experience in the DeFi and security space. Through Honeyswap we are making use of the heavily battle-tested Uniswap V2 Contracts, allowing our users a safe and secure trading and farming of XGT. Additionally, incentive mechanisms have been built around accruing high liquidity for XGT, in order to protect our users from price swings.

XGT has a very unique use case. Instead of simply voting with your DeFi token, you can use your XGT rewards to purchase products from online stores. XGT has combined modern e commerce discounts & cashbacks with blockchain technology, through a novel “1-click to DeFi” mechanism.

The benefits of Xion:

  • • Metatransactions so you can pay for your transaction fees in DAI
  • • XGT safeguards to protect users from sending their crypto to the wrong address
  • • Making DeFi tangible for people who barely understand PayPal/Venmo
  • • Smart-cross chain token and logic to offload intensive computations to the cheaper Gnosis chain, while keeping the security of the ETH mainnet
  • • Simple on-ramp for fiat to crypto purchases and vice versa
  • • Decentralized hosted checkout to purchase products with or for XGT rewards
  • • 1-click compounded interest on merchants sales revenue (Only for Xion Merchants)

Xion is also funded by CV Labs, one of the leading blockchain ventures in the industry.

Yes, you can connect your bank account to withdraw your crypto in just a few clicks. It’s safe, secure and is only a 0.75% withdrawal fee.

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No, the only way you can get XGT is by swapping your DAI/xDAI for XGT or getting rewarded in XGT when you are earning interest and/or farming.

We need farmers. The more liquidity in the Xion Pool, the more cashback rewards we can issue to online shoppers. Every time we reach a certain amount of liquidity, then a level of cashback rewards are unlocked.

If a level of cashback rewards have all been issued, then it will be locked until we have enough liquidity to unlock the next level of cashback rewards. The more you farm, the more cashback rewards are available.

Example: once we reach $2.5M USD of liquidity, then the first 20 000 people can purchase a product of their choice and get 100% cashback in XGT.

These are the 5 levels of 100% cashback rewards:

  • 1 - $2,5M USD for 20,000 shoppers
  • 2 - $7.5M USD for 40,000 shoppers
  • 3 - $10.5M USD for 60,000 shoppers
  • 4 - $30M USD for 80,000 shoppers
  • 5 - $50M USD for 100,000 shoppers

Once all 5 levels of 100% cashback rewards have been issued, then the next set of cashback rewards will be made available.

Please note: earning interest is not related to farming. Farming will only increase the amount of liquidity to unlock cashback rewards.

In order to interact with our protocol to swap and farm, you will need to connect to the xDAI blockchain. As some wallets don't support it right away, you might have to add it manually. We'll show you how to do so! Depending on your wallet, there are different steps required. For Metamask, you would go to your settings, go to the Network settings and click on "Add Network". Set the Network Name to "xDAI", add "" as the RPC Url, with the Chain ID being 100. Feel free to reach out to us at any time if you encounter any problems!

Yes, please click on this link to view our whitepaper which contains links to our smart contracts in GitHub.

Additionally you can find information about the XGT token via this link.